NEMBUS (formerly codenamed μQ7-A75-J)

Depending on the configuration and following revisions, the board’s features are subject to change. For detailed information on hardware specifications, please visit


NEMBUS (formerly codenamed μQ7-A75-J) is an extremely low power and low cost μQseven Rev. 2.0 Compliant Module with the NXP i.MX6 Processor. It features all the native I/O capabilities of the SoC, in compliance with the Qseven standard, at the competitive cost of a proprietary module. This board is supplied with a complete and fully-featured BSP, for easy migration from, and to, the entire i.MX6 product family, along with dedicated hardware and software development support. 



How can I power on my module?

What will I find in my module?

Off-the-shelf products are shipped with a standard in-house-developed software.
The definition of standard, in this case, is “the environment which SECO adopts for validation”.
Anyway, custom in-house-developed software with different defaults can be built.
Contact your reference sales for further information.

What can I do now?


Source code:

Source code for linux kernel, u-boot and yocto seco layers is available here.


Here you can find the latest binaries available

Board configuration