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Depending on the configuration and following revisions, the board’s features are subject to change. For detailed information on hardware specifications, please visit


The VESTA (formerly codenamed SBC-C57) is a 3.5” SBC with NXP i.MX8X MX 8X family of SoCs, featuring Dual or Quad Arm Cortex®-A35 Cores + 1x Cortex® M4F core for real-time processing. It comes with an embedded GC7000Lite GPU with up to 16 Execution Units, together with and embedded VPU, and its range of networking and connectivity interfaces is impressive. The SBC-C57 is VESTA Single Board Computer is ideal for certified performance requirements and safety efficient, and it’s well suited for industrial automation and control, robotics, transportation, in-vehicle infotainment systems.


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How can I power on my module?


What will I find in my module?

Off-the-shelf products are shipped with a standard in-house-developed software.
The definition of standard, in this case, is “the environment which SECO adopts for validation”.
Anyway, custom in-house-developedsoftware with different defaults can be built.
Contact your reference sales for further information.


What can I do now?

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Source code:

Source code for linux kernel, u-boot and yocto seco layers is available here.


Here you can find the latest binaries available